Oso Afia Program by EscrowLock

In the coming weeks, we shall launch the Oso Afia Program to provide income earning opportunity to Nigerians who are active on social media.

A maximum of 30 persons in each of the 36 states of Nigeria (including the FCT) will be accepted into this.

Their job will consist of using their social media accounts to educate people about the need to use EscrowLock when buying (or even selling) things online in order to protect themselves from fraudsters and scammers.

Each person engaged in the Oso Afia program will earn commission every time any of their contacts gets to use EscrowLock as a result of their publicity efforts.

Also, once the EscrowLock marketplace is ready, the individuals will be able to share products from the marketplace to their social media accounts, and earn commission for each product sold through their publicity efforts.



The term Oso Afia relates to a model of business practiced by the Igbo people of Nigeria.

Under this tradition, individuals who do not have enough capital to lease stalls and stock up goods are allowed to participate meaningfully in activities going in on the market square, so they can earn some income and be able to provide for their dependents.

The individuals engage themselves in scouting for and referring customers to the established merchants who have stalls in the market square, and, in return, earn commission on any successful sale.
This guarantees a win-win outcome for the parties.

The Oso Afia market tradition is in line with the age long Igbo philosophy of “be thy brothers keeper” (onye aghana nwanne ya).

The term Oso Afia loosely translates to “market run”.

An individual who engages in Oso Afia is called an onye oso afia, whereas a group of such individuals are called ndi oso afia.
[This practices seems to be what was adapted to English language as Affiliate Marketing].

EscrowLock is borrowing from this Igbo market tradition to offer Nigerians the chance to participate in its eCommerce activities and earn some income in order to take care of their needs.

As EscrowLock is a national-level company, the Oso Afia program will be open to all Nigerians irrespective of ethnicity, political affiliation, religion or tribe.