Escrow Service For Safe Online Transactions Between Buyers and Sellers

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Have you ever had the need to use an intermediary or trusted third party that can come in between a transaction between you and a buyer (if you were a seller) or between you and a seller (if you were the buyer)?

Let us say that you find something online and want to pay for it, but you aren’t sure if the seller is genuine to deliver the product/service as specified, or if you will end up being defrauded.

EscrowLock is a trusted independent third party that you can use for such transactions.


Escrow Service For Safe Online Transactions Between Buyers and Sellers
Escrow Service


Instead of taking the heavy risk of making payment to the seller directly, you (the buyer) can pay the money into  EscrowLock account where it is safely locked until the seller delivers the goods/services.

Upon receipt of the payment from the you (the buyer), EscrowLock contacts the seller to deliver the goods/services with the assurance that the transaction amount is already safely locked with EscrowLock and will be released to the seller if the goods/services reaches you (the buyer) in the condition that both parties (you and the seller) had agreed.

This payment arrangement is also good for sellers, a lot of whom have also been victims of fake online buyers.

At the end of it all, both the buyer, the seller and all parties involved are happy.


Escrow Service