How Escrow Payment Service Works in Nigeria

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EscrowLock Escrow Service Account: How Escrow Payments Work in Nigeria

What is EscrowLock Escrow Service Account?

Let us begin by explaining what escrow service is.

An escrow service is a kind of service that affords two or more parties conducting a transaction the opportunity to route their payment through a trusted third party such that the third party can hold the payment for a definite period until certain conditions guiding the transactions has been met.

Such escrow service can be conducted on the EscrowLock online escrow platform with the opening of a simple user account on the EscrowLock website. That account is what is known as the EscrowLock Escrow Service Account.

Now let us look at Escrow Payments in Nigeria.


Escrow Service in Nigeria
Escrow Service in Nigeria



How Escrow Payments Work in Nigeria

Escrow payments have only recently begun to emerge in Nigeria, even though the country has really suffered incidences of online payment fraud for a very long time.

EscrowLock is the best and leading escrow service agency/platform in Nigeria, which buyers and sellers can use to protect themselves from online payments scams.

EscrowLock is helping to boost online buyer-seller transactions in order to boost ecommerce and economic development in Nigeria.


Escrow Payment Platform in Nigeria
Escrow Payment Platform in Nigeria